Twist Testing on Shafts

Twist testing on shafts without using the thread method or profilometer – and much faster: The optical method for twist testing developed by the market leader matesy delivers precise results in a very short time.

This enables quality control in the immediate vicinity of the machining process with reliable reproducibility and in seconds.

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Twist Testing

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Twist Testing – Optical, Without Thread and Profilometer
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When a shaft surface contains a twist structure, its rotation causes a micropumping effect. This can cause fluid to escape or wear on the component. The twist test is therefore designed to filter out faulty components or help improve their production. By today's standards, conventional methods are a real waste of time: The process takes several minutes, whether performed tactilely with a profilometer or using the error-prone, poorly reproducible method of thread measurement.

In contrast, optical technology from matesy visualizes twist structures (or a twist-free condition) quickly and precisely. Optical filtering indicates twist on the surface. This makes it possible to estimate twist parameters, twist depth, and period length. And optical diffraction can reveal twist structures with amplitudes well below the roughness amplitudes of the sealing surface.

The advantages for you:

  • Ease of use and high user-friendliness
  • Direct visualization of the twist structures
  • Significantly faster
  • No additional test media required
  • Robust and compact design
  • Suitable for direct use in production
  • Results can be documented for QM systems as an option

Crankshafts, transmission shafts, bearing sealing surfaces: With test times down to the second range, you can use matesy instruments in a variety of ways. Automotive suppliers, manufacturers of precision turned parts, ball and roller bearings and pumps all use matesy technology for twist testing. Areas of applications include quality control/assurance and production optimization of shafts as well as cylindrical components in general.

This quantum leap represents the result of many years of research work and has made matesy the market leader in optical twist testing.

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matesy offers you a wide range of services to complement its applications for optical twist testing, including

  • Regularly maintenance work,
  • Online or on-site training,
  • Technical consulting for customized solutions,
  • Rental equipment.

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