Magneto-optic sensors:
sensitive & accurate

Among other things, magneto-optical sensors are used for forensics or the quality control of magnetic materials. They are used in experiments to visualize magnetic stray fields for research in educational institutions ranging from schools to universities, or in research institutes. And they are at the heart of the cutting-edge magneto-optical instruments from matesy.


Magneto-optical sensors: physically incorruptible

The highly sensitive magneto-optical sensors from matesy are available with a diameter of up to three inches.

They are used for the:

  • Quality inspection and geometric assessment of electrical steel sheets or security features for forensics purposes,
  • Surface testing and quantitative analysis of permanent magnets or magnetic particles in composites,
  • Study and visualization of soft magnetics or magnetic inks in banknotes or other documents,
  • Measurement of permanent magnets up to 1 T or multipole magnets with high fields.

Accurately Done

All of these applications place the highest demands on the sensitivity and accuracy of magneto-optical sensors. To produce them, garnet films are deposited on a substrate by liquid phase epitaxy. The film is applied to both sides of the substrate depending on the technology. The films are subjected to further processes to produce the magneto-optical sensor from the built-up garnet film. The finished sensors are coated with a mirror and scratch protection layer and can be directly integrated into a measurement set-up.

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Magneto-optical sensors

Magneto-Optical Visualization of Magnetic Fields
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matesy not only delivers the highest quality and most sensitive sensors to match your specifications: The primary concern of the experts from Jena is to ensure that they are reliable in use – regardless of your use case. That is why matesy is there for you: from the initial discussion about your needs to the reliable deployment – and beyond. Because we are only satisfied when you achieve optimal – i.e., excellent – and reproducible results.
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