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Single crystal ferromagnetic materials such as Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) are characterized by very low microwave losses. This is why they are primarily used to build microwave oscillators (YIG oscillators) and filters that can be frequency tuned with an external magnetic field. YIG spheres serve as the frequency-determining element in these solid-state resonators.

Thanks to layer thicknesses in the micro- to nanometer range, epitaxial YIG films can be used, among other things, for

  • Electronically tunable delay lines and phase shifters,
  • Integrated non-reciprocal devices such as magneto-optic isolators and circulators,
  • Bragg cell modulators for integrated optics,
  • In the future, as a base material for spin-wave components (YIG-magnonics) with micro- and nanostructures (nanomagnonics): Layer thicknesses in the sub-micron range are required here.

Leading: precision in the sub-micron range

matesy has been manufacturing iron garnet spheres and cubes (YIG single crystal) for commercial microwave applications for more than a decade. The low-defect single crystals excel with low attenuation and an exceptionally high quality factor; the saturation magnetization is determined for each individual single sphere. matesy currently offers YIG cubes and spheres with 4pMs of 1600 ± 80 G. The sphere diameter is 0.25 mm, the edge length of the cubes is 0.5 mm.

matesy is the world market leader for single crystal Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) films. The material is used in cutting-edge research worldwide due to its low defect films, low surface roughness, and high film thickness homogeneity (>99% in the central area).

The LPE technology used by matesy enables

  • Film thicknesses between 100 nm and 20 µm with high structural perfection over the entire film thickness,
  • The formation of extremely smooth surfaces,
  • Particularly low-tension films.

YIG films and single crystals from matesy:


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