Permanent magnets:
premium custom-made

Do you need permanent magnets - NdFeB, SmCo, ferrite or AlNiCo - and place the highest demands on quality and accuracy?

Whether for sensor magnets or drive technology, for medical technology, the automotive industry or any other conceivable application: matesy supplies you with premium permanent magnets and magnet assemblies, custom-made with precise magnetization orientation. They meet the highest quality standards and comply exactly with the specified conformity requirements.


Permanent high quality

Premium permanent magnets: For matesy, these are magnets that meet the very highest quality and conformity requirements - necessary, for example, for sensor magnets. This is guaranteed by our trusted suppliers and a perfectly coordinated system of internal quality management.
Our long-standing and correspondingly reliable suppliers manufacture permanent magnets using ceramic processes to precisely meet your requirements. All of this is done with the exact application-specific properties you need. The finished permanent magnets then go through a final inspection at matesy – 100% if required.

Precise final inspection

For this, we leverage measurements performed with our proprietary-developed technology – mapping systems, MHLS, cmos-magview and m-axis:

  • Magnetic moment testing
  • Testing the magnetization orientation
  • Sorting in batches
  • High-resolution inspection of surface stray fields possible using cmos-magview (zero crossings, cracks, inhomogeneities)

We can also develop permanent magnet assemblies for your application using the latest simulation technology. In this way, you receive permanent magnets, sensor magnets, and assemblies that meet your exact specifications.

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All-round support for all aspects of magnetism

In addition to a wide range of products, matesy offers a comprehensive range of services ranging from contract measurements and rental equipment for testing your magnets, to maintenance and training, and technical consulting including bespoke engineering services for your company. To this end, we have set up a global sales network so that we can serve our customers on the ground wherever they are.

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