Magnetic field visualization:
accurate to the micrometer

matesy offers a wide range of instruments for the detection and visualization of magnetic structures and fields for the development of new magnetic components in the laboratory or for the complete testing of magnets in the consumer sector, for the detection of manipulated serial numbers, the verification of security features on banknotes or the visualization of domain structures in electrical steel.

The technologies make magnetic field visualization possible at the highest level and in the highest resolution. Any magnetic field can be visualized and the stray field distribution examined in a matter of seconds.

Magnetic Field Visualization


Visualization of Magnetic Fields and Structures
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Magnetic Field Visualization


USB Hand-Held Magneto-Optical Microscope
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Magnetic Field Visualization


Fast Visualization of Magnetic Structures
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Years of development work for rapid results

The magneto-optical applications from matesy allow for an impressively high lateral resolution down to the micrometer range. Users simply need to place the respective sample on the magneto-optical sensor and take a sort of "snapshot" of the magnetic field. Depending on the area of application and task, users can choose between different systems, system configurations, and sensor types.

The Spirit of Research for Industrial Success

This cutting-edge technological performance is the result of many years of development work. matesy, which emerged from INNOVENT Technologieentwicklung e. V., cooperates with several research institutes. Our experts in magnetism, optics, materials science, QM, and many other fields can typically look back on many years of research experience. It is on this scientific basis that matesy develops and realizes its technologies for high-precision visualization, optical analysis and the control of magnetic fields, structures and components.

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More technologies from matesy:

Magnet Testing

Analyze, measure and categorize magnets and components, and generate, locate, and compensate for magnetic fields.

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Twist Testing

Test shafts optically with advanced technology from the market leader matesy, instead of using the thread method or a profilometer.

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Permanent Magnets

Premium permanent magnets – custom-made to order, in any quantity and tested using matesy technology.

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Magneto-optical sensors

Ultra-sensitive magneto-optical sensors for visualizing magnetic fields, magnets.

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YIG layers, YIG cubes, and YIG spheres of the highest quality.

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Support to help you obtain reliable results when visualizing magnetic fields

matesy can offer you a wide range of services to complement our magnetic field visualization products, so that you get the best out of your applications every time. For instance, you can take advantage of

  • Maintenance and calibration of instruments, for example, within the scope of maintenance contracts,
  • Training – online or at your company,
  • Technical consulting for individual solutions and/or to source additional expertise,
  • Contract measurements,
  • Rental equipment.

We can take care of our customers worldwide – thanks to our global sales network.

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