Magnet testing
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From wind power to electric cars: the mobility and energy transition demands constant technological progress. Efficient motors and generators are needed in increasing numbers, and so are the highest quality magnets that operate with the utmost accuracy.

Magnetic testing consequently plays a fundamental role – and matesy offers the matching technologies. You can categorize, classify, detect, track magnets in their structures and generate or compensate magnetic fields.

Magnet Testing with matesy: Products

Magnet Testing


Characterization of the Magnetic Specifications of Permanent Magnets
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Magnet Testing

MHLS – matesy Hall Line Sensor

High-Precision and Large-Area Magnet Characterization
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Magnet Testing

Helmholtz Coils

Magnetic Field Generation and Compensation
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Magnet Testing

m-cat – Magnet Bar Measuring System

Measurement of Magnetrons and Magnetbars for Sputtering Systems
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Magnet Testing

RMP Rotor Measuring Station

Quality Control of Multi-Pole Permanent Magnet Rotors
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Magnet Testing

3MTS – Triple Axis Handheld Teslameter

Monitoring Permanent Magnets and Magnet Systems
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Magnet Testing


Magnetic 3D Tracking System
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Magnet testing: Expertise with a scientific background

In this way, all types of magnets can be tested with applications from matesy: from single magnets such as sensor magnets, holding solenoids, etc. to complex assemblies. These include rotors, magnet modules on linear motors, magnetrons for large sputtering systems and Halbach arrays.

Our m-axis is the system for the rapid fast and accurate testing of all types of dipole magnets. Multipole structures can be measured quickly and with high accuracy with our MHLS.

Our Helmholtz coils generate precise magnetic fields for calibrating magnetic sensors and compensating the earth's magnetic field. And our magtrack system is a special application for magnetic testing that allows particles in vortex and blast coating processes to be tracked magnetically. This means it can record motion sequences in closed systems.

From Research to Industry

matesy develops and realizes its systems and technologies for the (quality) control of permanent magnets in close cooperation with several research institutes. The company itself grew out of INNOVENT Technologieentwicklung e.V. Our specialists in metrology, magnetism, and quality assurance, among others, often come directly from academic or industrial research backgrounds.

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More technologies from matesy:

Magnetic field visualization

High-precision visualization, optical analysis, and control of magnetic fields, structures, and components.

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Twist Testing

Test shafts optically with advanced technology from the market leader matesy, instead of using the thread method or a profilometer.

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Permanent Magnets

Premium permanent magnets – custom-made to order, in any quantity and tested using matesy technology.

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Magneto-optical sensors

Ultra-sensitive magneto-optical sensors for visualizing magnetic fields, magnets.

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YIG layers, YIG cubes, and YIG spheres of the highest quality.

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For the best results in magnet testing

matesy not only offers sophisticated developed applications for all aspects of magnetic testing. We also provide the necessary services, including

  • Regular maintenance and calibration of instruments, such as within the scope of maintenance contracts,
  • Application training – remote or on-site at your premises,
  • Technical consulting to implement customized solutions at the customer's company or to provide expertise,
  • Magnetic testing on behalf of customers,
  • Rental equipment.

The aim is to achieve excellent results in the application for you, every time.. In addition, our worldwide sales network places us in the perfect position to provide local support to our customers on a global basis.

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