Visualization of magnetism and
twist - rapidly and accurately

Magnetism plays an important role in a wide range of technological fields. As the demands placed on magnetic components increase, so does the importance of the corresponding measurement technology.

matesy has therefore been developing technologies for accurate and rapid measurements in the field of magnetism, magnet testing and magnetic field visualization for over 15 years. Our origins in the research community, and our close collaboration with that community to this day, means that we can provide our customers with the highest level of measurement technology – and continue to develop it.

Another field of our expertise is twist testing: In this area, matesy has developed a new technology in the form of optical twist testing, which is far superior to conventional methods using the thread method or profilometers. As a result, measurement only takes seconds now (instead of minutes), thus making matesy the market leader in optical twist testing.

Technologies for accurate results

Magnet Testing

Analyze, measure and categorize magnets and components, and generate, locate, and compensate for magnetic fields.

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Magnetic field visualization

High-precision visualization, optical analysis, and control of magnetic fields, structures, and components.

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Twist Testing

Test shafts optically with advanced technology from the market leader matesy, instead of using the thread method or a profilometer.

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Permanent Magnets

Premium permanent magnets – custom-made to order, in any quantity and tested using matesy technology.

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Magneto-optical sensors

Ultra-sensitive magneto-optical sensors for visualizing magnetic fields, magnets.

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YIG layers, YIG cubes, and YIG spheres of the highest quality.

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Practical applications: versatile & precise

Visualizing Domain Structures

Non-destructive Testing of Magnetic and Non-magnetic Materials

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Verifying Document Authenticity

Rapidly Visualizing Magnetic Inks on Documents and MIRC-Encoded Checks

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Analyzing Serial Numbers

Reading Out or Reconstructing Manipulated or Degraded Serial Numbers Non-destructively

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Testing Magnetic Stripe Cards

Visualizing Barcode Structures in Real Time

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Testing Floppy/Hard Disks

Visualizing Information Stored Magnetically on Data Media in Real Time

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Controlling the Quality of Permanent Magnets

Magnetic Field Visualization for Analyzing Homogeneity and Defects

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Crack Testing on Ferromagnetic Components

Non-destructive Testing of Material Surfaces for Cracks

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Verifying Banknotes

Analyzing Magnetic Security Features on Banknotes in Real Time

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Controlling the Quality of Magnetic Solid Measures

Controlling Geometry and Field Intensity in Real Time

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Testing Audio/Video Tapes

Forensically Examining Information Stored Magnetically on Data Tapes

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Your partner for magnetism and twist testing

"matesy" stands for magnetic technologies & systems: The company is based in Jena, Germany and specializes in magnetism and twist testing. The company grew out of the scientific and research community and was founded as a spin-off from a research institute.

Close cooperation with partners in science, research and industry continues to be an essential part of the company's development work today. At the same time, matesy is positioned worldwide with its sales network and can provide local support for its customers in more than two dozen countries.

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