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Single Crystal Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) films from the Global Market Leader

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Product Description

Due to their very low microwave losses, single crystal ferromagnetic materials such as Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) and doped YIG are used for devices in microwave technology.

Design & Function

Low-defect YIG thin films are deposited on single crystal Gadolinium Gallium Garnet (GGG) by liquid phase epitaxy. The functional wafers, up to three inches in size, can in turn be used as substrates or for patterning magnonic and spintronic devices.


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YIG Films

Product request

Technical Specifications

YIG wafer – 3 inch

  • YIG on GGG substrate: epitaxially grown single crystal YIG
  • Different thicknesses available: 100 nm-20 µm (see stock list, < 100 nm on request)
  • Surface roughness (RMS): 0.5 nm
  • FMR line width (FWHM): < 2 Oe at 10 GHz
  • Thickness deviation (80%, central): 1%
  • Optical polishing on one side (coated on both sides upon request)
  • GGG substrate thickness: 0.5 ± 0.05 mm
  • Crystallographic orientation: (111), ((100) on request)

Product Highlights

  • Low-defect films with very low surface roughness
  • High film thickness homogeneity (> 99% in the central area)
  • Global use of our material for cutting-edge research


LPE technology compared to other coating processes:

  • Realization of film thicknesses between 100 nm and 20 µm while maintaining a high level of structural perfection across the entire film thickness
  • Extremely smooth surfaces can be formed
  • Low strain films


Application Areas

Due to their very low microwave losses, single crystal ferromagnetic materials such as Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) and its isovalent-substituted homologues are used for devices in microwave technology. Epitaxial YIG coatings can be used, for example, for electronically tunable delay lines and phase shifters that require micron-thick films. Further applications include integrated non-reciprocal devices such as magneto-optic isolators and circulators, and Bragg cell modulators for integrated optics.

Currently, international efforts are underway to develop these insulator films as a promising base material for spin-wave devices (YIG-magnonics) with micro- and nanostructures (nanomagnonics) in information processing and to couple them with electronic or spintronic elements via suitable interfaces. The miniaturization of these components requires film thicknesses in the sub-micron range. Epitaxial films are produced from high temperature solutions using liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) technology. The LPE coating technique facilitates the production of epitaxial Yttrium Iron Garnet layers in both the micron and sub-micron range and the development of tailored functional layers by means of appropriate substitution.



Materials – Sensors, Magnets and YIG

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