YIG Cubes and Spheres

Low-loss, ultra-high-quality factor YIG cubes and spheres

Iron garnet spheres and cubes (single crystal YIG) with low attenuation and extremely high-quality factor!

Product Description

For more than a decade, matesy has been manufacturing low attenuation, single crystal iron garnet spheres with a high Q factor for use in commercial microwave applications.

Design & Function

The single crystal material is usually grown from high temperature solutions (flux melts). The single crystals are cut into slices and then into cubes to produce optically polished spheres approximately 0.25 mm in diameter.

They are then rounded into spheres and a final surface polish of the highest quality is applied. The saturation polarization (4pMs) of the spheres depends on the degree of diamagnetic ion substitution. matesy currently supplies 4pMs YIG cubes and spheres of 1600 ± 80 G. Typical FWHM of ferromagnetic resonance line width ΔH are less than 1.5 Oe.


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YIG Cubes and Spheres

Product request

Product Highlights

  • Low-defect single crystal
  • Saturation magnetization is determined for each sphere


  • Low attenuation
  • High Q factor

Technical Specifications

  • Typical FWHM of ferromagnetic resonance line width ΔH are less than 1.5 Oe
  • 4pMs von 1600 ± 80 G
  • Sphere diameter: 0.25 mm
  • Cube size: 0.5 mm edge length

Application Areas

Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) single crystals are primarily used to build microwave oscillators (YIG oscillators) and filters that can be frequency tuned with an external magnetic field. YIG spheres are used as the frequency-determining element in these solid-state resonators.



Materials – Sensors, Magnets and YIG

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