Custom premium magnets (NdFeB, SmCo, Ferrite, AlNiCo)

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As a "premium magnets" we call magnets which meet the highest quality and conformity requirements. Because of longstanding cooperations to suppliers and a perfectly balanced internal quality management, consisting of measurements with the CMOS-MagView and the M-axis, we can provide you magnets which exactly match your specified parameters. For all types of magnets: NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo and ferrites.



Nd2Fe14B Magnets

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Matesy Nd2Fe14B Magnets


SmCo Magnets

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Matesy SmCo Magnets




  • Our "Premium magnets" are characterized by excellent magnetic properties.
  • In particular, its magnetization lies exactly in the specified direction.
  • The open remanence is known to an accuracy of 1%.
  • As a result, properties of magnetic systems with these magnets can be determined very well.
  • The Premium magnets are either selected from a charge or directly produced for the customer.
  • The measurement is done with our m-axis, the measurement system for open remanence and angle of the magnetization of hard magnetic materials.
  • Further classifications of the magnets can be realized with the cmos-magview.


Characteristics of zero degree magnets

  • Magnetic moment: 0,01 Am² - 10 Am²
  • Open remanence: ± 1%
  • Magnetic angle: bis ± 0,1°
  • North-South-Effect. on demand


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