Magnetic Field Visualization


Fast Visualization of Magnetic Structures

The magview is a mobile hand-held device equipped with a magneto-optical (MO) sensor for the rapid visualization of magnetic structures and stray fields with the eye.

Product Description

The magview is a general-purpose, magneto-optical readout device for the rapid visualization of magnetic structures. As a mobile hand-held device, it can be used for stray field analysis in production, laboratories, and offices.

It allows for the easy visualization of magnetic stray fields from EC & credit cards, magnetic encoders, multipole magnets, and many other magnetic samples.

Design & Function

Magnetic information, such as inhomogeneities and cracks in ferromagnetic materials, can be visualized using sensitive magneto-optical sensors. This is done by placing the sensor in contact with the surface that contains the magnetic information.

The integrated light source and magnifier ensure that the viewer has a direct view of a perfect image. The contrast can be adjusted according to the MO sensor type using the variable analyzer (polarizing filter). The design of the magview makes it ideal for visualizing even weak magnetic fields from audio tapes, debit and credit cards, magnetic security features, and floppy disks. Our cmos-magview is the first choice if you are looking for a digital evaluation and want to archive the data obtained.

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Product request

Product Highlights

  • Replaceable MO sensor
  • Optionally available with permanent magnet excitation for sensor type D
  • Long battery life


  • Built-in lighting
  • Direct visualization with the eye
  • Out of the box use, easy to use

Technical Specifications

Application Areas

  • Particularly suitable for polymer-bonded permanent magnets (material inhomogeneity)
  • Visualization of the stray fields on permanent magnet structures in development
  • Control of rotary and linear encoders
  • Examination of magnetic security features on banknotes and documents
  • Crack examination on permanent magnets
  • Rapid control of magnetic stripe cards



magview – Mobile Visualization of Magnetic Structures

(2.8 MiB)

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