Magnet Testing


Magnetic 3D Tracking System

The magtrack system is based on the magnetic marker monitoring process. It was developed to record, analyze and, if necessary, optimize the motion sequences in closed systems.

Product Description

The magtrack makes it possible to detect the absolute 3D position in space as well as the orientation of a magnetically marked particle over a course of time. The magtrack system is modular and can therefore be adapted to any installation and system.

Design & Function

The optimization of motion analysis in mixing, coating, and drying processes requires the seamless tracking of at least one particle. Process parameters can be adjusted by analyzing the movement of this particle. This allows the overall system to be operated and monitored more effectively, ultimately saving costs. The measurement method underlying the magtrack is based on the 3D localization of a magnetic marker. The movement of the marked object can be tracked in real time.

Detailed, up to 1 kHz fast evaluation of the particle path is performed offline to provide precise and statistically reliable information about the overall process. The main advantages over all other methods such as PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) or PEPT (Positron Emission Particle Tracking) are that the measurement is non-contact and non-optical and can be performed without the use of ionizing radiation, where the particle orientation is recorded in addition to the path.

Product request


Product request

Technical Specifications

  • Sensors: AMR (up to 72 channels)
  • Measurement data: 3D position, particle orientation
  • Measurement frequency: up to 1 kHz, synchronous
  • Mag. markers 8 mm³ to 1,000 mm³
  • Accuracy: up to 0.1 mm
  • PC software: measurement and evaluation software
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Mains connection: 80-260VAC/47-63Hz



magtrack – Magnetic 3D Tracking System

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