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Mobile Visualization of magnetic structures

magview is a magneto-optical readout device for fast and precise visualization of magnetic field structures. The handheld device can be applied for qualitative testings and stray field analyses. magview visualizes magnetic stray fields of credit cards, magnetic encoders and multipole magnets.



Visualization of magnetic fields

Magnetic information, such as permanent magnetic structures and inhomogeneities due to fissures and cracks in ferromagnetic materials, can be visualized by use of magneto-optical sensitive sensors. For this purpose the sensor is set in direct contact with the surface containing the magnetic information.

Because of the adaptive design magview is suitable for visualization of low magnetic fields of audio and video tapes, debit and credit cards, floppy disks and hard drives. For digital analyses and data archiving we recommend our cmos-magview.


Functional principle

  • Generation of homogeneous, linear polarized light (LED & polarization filter)
  • Change of the polarization status of light by the magneto-optical sensor dependent on the applied local magnetic field using reflection mod
  • Visualization of the generated inhomogeneous polarization of the light as a local intensity modification via a second polarize
  • Recording of the magneto-optical image by using a digital camera on request

Technical features

Direct visualization of magnetic fields


Analysis of polarity, homogeneity, distribution of the magent material and magnetization properties


Fieldrange: 0,01 to 130 kA/m (0,1 to 1.600 Oe)  
Sensor size: up to D = 25 mm (1 Zoll)  
Portable and easy handling