cmos-magview Family

Visualization of magnetic fields and structures

cmos-magview - the magnetic field camera

The devices of the cmos-magview family are high-resolution and precise measuring and visualization systems for magnetic materials, components and surfaces, with which it is possible to measure the magnetic flux density in addition to making magnetic fields and magnetic structures visible. Depending on the area of application, we offer you the devices with different magneto-optical sensors and sensor sizes. The devices are available in the versions cmos-magview S, cmos-magview M, cmos-magview L and cmos-magview XL.


Visualize magnetic fields

Magnetic fields are used in a wide variety of applications. They help to transfer forces and moments, control sensors and carry information about the condition of magnetizable components. With the cmos-magview, the magnetic field can be made visible in two dimensions in the highest possible resolution and the magnetic flux density can be measured. Due to the high sensitivity and resolution, the process visualizes material inhomogeneities, domains, grain structures and cracks. The cmos-magview is used in quality and incoming goods control. It is part of the basic equipment of laboratories and supports the development, analysis and function optimization of magnetic systems for early error detection.

Comprehensive and adaptable software offers the user a solid basis for carrying out a wide range of analyzes and measurements. The cmos-magview provides analyzes for: magnetized and non-magnetized permanent magnets, magnetic encoders, electrical steel, steel and stainless steel, structural changes due to heat input or deformation, the testing of magnetic security labels and numbers in chassis or on weapons. With the help of a yoke, samples can also be excited with a magnetic field, for example to better represent structures.

Visualization examples


  • Direct visualization of magnetic structures on the surface
  • High geometric resolution on a large sensor area in one image
  • The devices can be equipped with different types of sensors depending on the application


cmos-magview Systems

Applications and sensor types

Applications | Sensor type A

Sensor type A

Quality inspection & geometric assessment of:

  • Magnetic encoders
  • Electrical steel sheets
  • Forensic security features
  • Residual magnetism

Applications | Sensor type B / C

Sensor type B / C

Surface inspection and quantitative analysis:

  • of permanent magnets
  • of magnetic encoders with strong magnetization
  • of polymer-bonded magnets
  • of magnetic particles in composites
  • bei Supraleiteruntersuchungen

Applications | Sensor type D

Sensor type D

Investigation and visualization of:

  • Soft magnetics
  • magnetic inks in banknotes
  • magnetic inks in documents

Applications | Sensor type E

Sensor type E

Measurement of:

  • Permanent magnets up to 1 T.
  • Multipole magnets with high fields


Technical information & specifications:

• Sensor size: up to 45x60mm
• Measurement time: 1 second
• Geometric resolution: up to 15μm (depending on sensor and camera)
• Visualize magnetic fields in real time and measure magnetic flux density
• cmos-magview software for image analysis


• Use of the Faraday effect in the magneto-optical sensor
• Visualization of the polarization change behind a second polarization filter
• Recording of the magneto-optical image using a high-resolution digital camera
• Use of image evaluation algorithms for evaluating the magnetic field information


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