Magnetic Field Visualization


Visualization of Magnetic Fields and Structures

With cmos-magview devices, magnetic stray fields and structures can be precisely visualized and measured in seconds.

Product Description

The devices of the cmos-magview family are high-resolution and precise measuring and visualization systems for magnetic materials, assemblies and surfaces. Pole distances or other geometric information can be measured down to the µm range.

The devices use the Faraday effect in the magneto-optical sensor. Depending on the configuration and calibration of the devices, it is also possible to measure the magnetic field strength perpendicular to the sensor surface. Depending on the application, we offer the devices with different magneto-optical sensors and sensor sizes. The systems are available in the versions cmos-magview S, cmos-magview M, cmos-magview L and cmos-magview XL.

cmos-magview Variants

cmos-magview S

Sensor size: 20 x 15 mm2
Resolution: 25 µm
Sensor types: A, B, C

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cmos-magview M

Sensor size: 20 x 15 mm2
Resolution: 15 µm
Sensor types: B, C

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cmos-magview L

Sensor size: 60 x 45 mm2
Resolution: 60 µm
Sensor types: A, B, C

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cmos-magview XL

Sensor size: 60 x 45 mm2
Resolution: 30 µm
Sensor types: A, B, C

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Design & Function

Magnetic fields are used in a wide variety of applications. They help to transmit forces and torques, control sensors and carry information about the state of magnetizable components.

With the cmos-magview, the magnetic field can be visualized two-dimensionally in the highest possible resolution and the magnetic field strength can be measured. All you have to do is place the sample to be examined on the sensor and you will obtain a magnetic field image. Due to its high sensitivity and resolution, the method visualizes pole structures,  material inhomogeneities, magnetic domains, grain structures as well as cracks. The cmos-magview is used, for example, in quality and incoming goods inspection.

It is part of the basic equipment of laboratories and supports the development, analysis and function optimization of magnetic systems. Comprehensive and adaptable software provides the user with a solid basis to perform a wide range of analyses and measurements.

The cmos-magview provides analyses for:

  • magnetized and partially magnetized permanent magnets
  • magnetic encoders electrical sheets,
  • structural changes in steel and stainless steel due to heat treatment or deformation
  • the testing of magnetic safety features
  • the inspection of serial numbers in chassis or on weapons

Equipped with type D sensors, the instruments can even visualize soft magnetic structures using various excitation methods.

Product Highlights

  • Visualization of magnetic structures directly on the surface
  • High geometric resolution for detailed analysis of the stray field
  • The instruments can be equipped and calibrated with different sensitive sensor types depending on the application
  • Recording of the magneto-optical image via high-resolution digital camera
  • Use of image analysis algorithms to evaluate the magnetic field information


  • Detection of stray fields in seconds with one shot
  • Significant time savings compared to scanning methods
  • Extremely high lateral resolution for pole measurement

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor size: up to 60 x 45 mm²
  • Measuring time: 1 second
  • Geometric resolution: up to 15 μm (depending on sensor and camera)
  • Visualize magnetic fields in real time and measure magnetic field strength
  • USB interface

Application Areas

Sensor type A

Quality inspection & geometric assessment of:

  • Magnetic inks (banknotes, documents)
  • Domains in electrical sheets
  • Security features for forensics
  • Residual magnetism on production parts
  • Audio tapes
Sensor type B/C

Surface inspection and quantitative

  • Of permanent magnets
  • Of magnetic encoders
  • Of polymer bonded magnets
  • Of magnetic particles in composites
  • For superconductor examinations
Sensor type D

Examination and visualization of:

  • Soft magnetics
  • Magnetic inks in banknotes
  • Magnetic inks in documents




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