Applications for magneto-optical sensors & products

The magnetic field visualization enables the precise, non-destructive visualization and analysis of magnetic fields and information.


Visualize domain structures

With the help of magneto-optics, domain structures in magnetic and non-magnetic materials can be examined and checked non-destructively

Test of floppy disks & hard drives

The magneto-optics offer the possibility to test magnetically stored information on data carriers (HDD & FD) and to visualize it in real time.

Verification of banknotes

Magnetic security features of banknotes can be read out and visualized non-destructively and in real time with our magview systems.

Authentication of documents

Magnetic inks on documents and MIRC-encoded checks can be quickly visualized with the help of magneto-optical technology

Control of weld seams and welded connections

Weld seams and welded connections can be checked non-destructively and in real time with the help of magneto-optical systems

Analysis of serial numbers

With the help of magneto-optical devices, manipulated or destroyed serial numbers can be read out or reconstructed non-destructively

Test of audio & video tapes

Our magneto-optical methods offer the possibility of forensically examining the magnetic information stored on data tapes

Quality control of encoders & rotary encoders

Magnetic field visualization technology offers the possibility of controlling the geometry and field intensity of encoders and rotary encoders in real time

Verification of magnetic stripe cards

Magneto-optical technology enables real-time visualization of barcode structures for quality assurance and forensic investigations

Quality control of permanent magnets

Magnetic field visualization is used in quality control for permanent magnets to check homogeneity and field distribution.


of magnets


of the magnetic field on linear encoders


of electrical steel sheets

Structural investigation

and quality control for magnets

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