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Practical applications: versatile & precise

matesy products have been impressing customers in a wide variety of environments and applications for more than a decade and a half now. Even long-standing customers are occasionally surprised at what our technologies from Jena can achieve. But why not see for yourself!

Analyzing Serial Numbers

Reading Out or Reconstructing Manipulated or Degraded Serial Numbers Non-destructively

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Crack Testing on Ferromagnetic Components

Non-destructive Testing of Material Surfaces for Cracks

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Verifying Banknotes

Analyzing Magnetic Security Features on Banknotes in Real Time

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Testing Floppy/Hard Disks

Visualizing Information Stored Magnetically on Data Media in Real Time

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Controlling the Quality of Magnetic Solid Measures

Controlling Geometry and Field Intensity in Real Time

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Controlling the Quality of Permanent Magnets

Magnetic Field Visualization for Analyzing Homogeneity and Defects

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Testing Audio/Video Tapes

Forensically Examining Information Stored Magnetically on Data Tapes

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Visualizing Domain Structures

Non-destructive Testing of Magnetic and Non-magnetic Materials

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Testing Magnetic Stripe Cards

Visualizing Barcode Structures in Real Time

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Verifying Document Authenticity

Rapidly Visualizing Magnetic Inks on Documents and MIRC-Encoded Checks

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