Magnetic Field Visualization


Technologies for high-precision visualization, optical analysis and control of magnetic fields, structures and components. Matesy GmbH offers a wide range of devices for the detection and visualization of magnetic structures and fields. Our possibilities in the field of magneto-optics range from checking security features of banknotes to recognizing manipulated serial numbers (e.g. for weapons) to the representation of domain structures in electrical sheets. Depending on the application and task, it is possible to choose between different systems, system configuration and sensor types.

cmos-magview | The magnetic field camera

With cmos-magview devices, magnetic fields, structures and the magnetic flux density can be precisely visualized and measured in 2D and 3D

magview | Fast check of magnetic fields

The magview is a mobile magneto-optical hand-held visualization device for the fast and precise display of magnetic fields and structures

mageye | The magneto-optical hand microscope

Mo­bile real time ana­lysis of mag­netic fields with im­me­di­ate ima­ging, high res­ol­u­tion USB-cam­era and eval­u­ation and pro­tocol soft­ware.

Visualization examples


Analysis of magnets

Visualization of the magnetic field on linear encoders

Investigation of electrical steel sheets

Structural analysis and quality control for magnets

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