Matesy GmbH offers a wide range of devices for the detection and visualization of magnetic structures and fields. Our capabilities in the field of magneto-optics range from checking security features of banknotes to detecting manipulated serial numbers (for example, in weapons) or displaying domain structures in electrical sheets.

Magneto-optical systems


Real time mag­netic field map­ping and visu­al­iz­a­tion with a CMOS cam­era mod­ule and USB in­ter­face, eval­u­ation and pro­tocol soft­ware.


Real time magnetic field visualization with highly sensitive imaging, Mobile on-site investigations and intuitive handling.


Mo­bile real time ana­lysis of mag­netic fields with im­me­di­ate ima­ging, high res­ol­u­tion USB-cam­era and eval­u­ation and pro­tocol soft­ware.




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