3MTS 3-axis handheld teslameter

Quality control and monitoring of permanent magnets & magnet systems

3MTS is the USB handheld Teslameter/Gaussmeter developed in cooperation with Matesys’ partner company  SENIS AG.



The 3MTS incorporates a fully integrated 3-axis Hall probe, which is integrated in a specially designed carbon-fiber holder to provide the mechanical protection of the probe. The probe holder is 4mm wide and only 1mm thick to allow a measurement of the magnetic field in narrow air gaps. The Hall probe is connected to a compact and light electronic module, providing the measured signal conditioning, the 12bit AD conversion, the device calibration, and an USB connection to the host computer. The Hall probe on-chip temperature sensor allows a temperature compensated output signal for each three magnetic field components (Bx, By and Bz).

The easy-to-use teslameter software running on a MS Windows computer, tablet or smartphone is used for the data acquisition, teslameter power supply and control and for measured data visualization. The measured data are visualized in numerical and graphical colored displays, allowing an easy readability and intuitive setup of alarm triggers, hold function and measured data storage. The total value of the magnetic field, as well as all three components of the magnetic field and the probe temperature are displayed. In addition, the min/max values of the magnetic field components can be presented.  

3MTS 3-axis handheld teslameter

Standard dimensioning of the 3MTS Teslameter / Gauss meter


  • Control and monitoring of permanent magnets and magnet systems
  • Measurement of the surrounding magnetic field
  • Development of magnet systems and process control
  • Applications in production lines and laboratories
  • Magnetic field mapping


Technical information & specifications:

• Teslameter / Gaussmeter with 3-axis Hall probe
• Light and robust plastic housing
• Extremely robust and flexible carbon fiber probe holder
• EEPROM for saving the calibration data
• User-friendly PC software
• Alarm, hold and zero functionality
• Numerical and graphic visualization of the magnetic field components Bx, By and Bz as well as BTotal, Bmax, Bmin and probe temperature
• Thickness of the Hall probe (with bracket): 1mm
• Width of the Hall probe: 4mm
• Uncalibrated measuring range: 20T
• Calibrated measuring range: 0.1T, 0.5T, 2T
• Magnetic resolution: ± 20µT
• Frequency bandwidth: DC-500Hz
• AD conversion: 12Bit
• Interface: USB2 & USB3 compatible
• Accuracy: ± 1%


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