Magnet Testing

3MTS – Triple Axis Handheld Teslameter

Monitoring Permanent Magnets and Magnet Systems

3MTS is a handy 3-axis teslameter, which was developed in cooperation between Matesy GmbH and SENIS AG.

Product Description

The MHLS is extremely flexible to use thanks to its compact and robust design. The development of ever more efficient electric motors in areas such as automotive engineering and wind energy is playing an ever increasing role, where the highest precision and quality of the magnetic components used is crucial, particularly in the energy and mobility transition.

This is where the MHLS sensor comes into its own with its flexibility, speed, and accuracy. Inline quality control, test, and development facilities across all industries can now be equipped with the MHLS to ensure the best possible real-time control of magnetic components during the production process.

Integration into existing systems is simple, thanks to data transfer by fieldbus. The MHLS is available in four sizes in stages 80, 160, 240, 320 and with a standard measuring range of ± 800 mT. If required, the sensor system can be configured for measurement ranges from ±100 mT to ±2 T, thus covering almost any application.

Design & Function

The 3MTS features a fully-integrated triple axis Hall probe mounted in a specially designed carbon fiber holder to ensure mechanical protection of the probe. The smart design of the 3MTS makes it possible to measure magnetic fields even in small air gaps.

The Hall probe is connected to a compact and lightweight electronic module. This module provides the measurement signal conditioning, 12-bit AD conversion, instrument calibration, and USB connection to the end device.

The on-chip temperature sensor on the Hall probe enables a temperature compensated output signal for each of the three magnetic field components (Bx, By and Bz). The 3MTS software is user-friendly and runs on MS Windows-based computers, tablets, or smartphones. The software facilitates data acquisition and control of the 3MTS, as well as the visualization of measurement data.

Measurement data is presented in numeric and graphic color displays for easy readability and intuitive set-up of control parameters, hold function, and measurement data storage. The probe temperature is displayed in addition to the magnitude of the magnetic field and all three magnetic field components. The min/max values of the magnetic field components can also be displayed.

Product request

3MTS – Triple Axis Handheld Teslameter

Product request

Product Highlights

  • Powered directly by USB
  • Extremely robust and flexible carbon fiber probe holder
  • Calibrated for temperature and magnetic field


  • Mobile use with easy handling
  • Small 3D Hall sensor element for point measurement
  • Easily integrated into test set-ups

Technical Specifications

  • Teslameter/gaussmeter with triple axis Hall probe
  • Light and robust plastic housing
  • User-friendly software for PCs, tablets, and smartphones
  • Alarm, hold and zero functionality
  • Numerical and graphical visualization of the magnetic field components (Bx, By and Bz) as well as Btotal, Bmax, Bmin, and probe temperature
  • Hall probe thickness (with holder): 1 mm
  • Hall probe width: 4 mm
  • Uncalibrated measurement range: 20 T
  • Calibrated measuring range: 0.1T, 0.5T, 2T
  • Magnetic resolution: ± 20 µT
  • Frequency bandwidth: DC-500Hz
  • AD conversion: 12-bit
  • Interface: USB2 & USB3-compatible
  • Accuracy: ± 1%

Application Areas

  • Controlling and monitoring permanent magnets and magnet systems
  • Measuring the surrounding magnetic field
  • Developing magnet systems and process control
  • Applications in production lines and laboratories
  • Magnetic field mapping



3MTS – Triple axis USB handheld teslameter

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