ESF Thüringen - Liste der Vorhaben Förderperiode 2014-2020

Magnet Measurement

and calibration 


Determination of the remanence, magnetic moment, permanence, flux density and direction of magnetization; N/S-pole classification; automated up to 600 pieces per hour


Fast and precise magnet characterization regarding dipole parameters for sensor and motor magnet quality control.


Accurate measurement and analysis of the magnetic field configuration of Magnetrons for sputtering plants; geometry recognition (deflection, diameter) of the Magnetron


Investigation and trimming of Magnetrons for sputtering plants, lengths between 0.4 - 4.0 m.

3MTS - Teslameter/Gaussmeter

3MTS is the USB handheld Teslameter/Gaussmeter developed in cooperation with SENIS’ partner company Matesy.


Quality control and monitoring of permanent magnets & magnet systems.

helmholtz spule

Single and three axis coil systems with high precision and resolution; Wood or aluminium body in various dimensions; Control software available.


For the gen­er­a­tion of mag­netic fields and the com­pens­a­tion of the earth's mag­netic field; Cal­ib­ra­tion of sensor tech­no­logy.


Automated measurement system for the determination of the magnetic information, diameter and elipticity of tubular targets; Monitoring of the wear and remaining life.


Investigation and quality control of tubular targets for sputtering plants; diameters from 120 cm to 160 cm.

Layer Tester

Float glass is being produced in large amounts. Various interwoven processes cause a huge complexity that requires efficient transitions. Subject to inefficiencies mostly are operations that can not or just with high expenses be automated..


Distinction of coatings on flat glass.