Systems and technologies for quality control of permanent magnets, magnet systems and magnetic components


With our technologies, magnets can be:

Characterized, classified, detected and tracked. In addition, magnetic fields can be generated or compensated.




Determination of the remanence, magnetic moment, permanence, flux density and direction of magnetization; N/S-pole classification; automated up to 600 pieces per hour


Accurate measurement and analysis of the magnetic field configuration of Magnetrons for sputtering plants; geometry recognition (deflection, diameter) of the Magnetron

3MTS - Teslameter/Gaussmeter

3MTS is the USB handheld Teslameter/Gaussmeter developed in cooperation with SENIS’ partner company Matesy.

RMP rotor quality control system

The RMP rotor quality control system is a unique measurement device to map the magnetic field of permanent magnetic rotors.


Helmholtz Coil

Single and three axis coil systems with high precision and resolution; Wood or aluminium body in various dimensions; Control software available.


Automated measurement system for the determination of the magnetic information, diameter and elipticity of tubular targets; Monitoring of the wear and remaining life.

Layer Tester

Float glass is being produced in large amounts. Various interwoven processes cause a huge complexity that requires efficient transitions. Subject to inefficiencies mostly are operations that can not or just with high expenses be automated..



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