Magnetic Field Visualization


USB Hand-Held Magneto-Optical Microscope

Our mobile "magnetic field sensor" allows you to visualize and evaluate magnetic stray fields. Our mageye, matesy’s miniaturized magneto-optical USB microscope, provides information about the magnetic fields on the surface of a wide variety of samples with resolutions in the micrometer range.

Product Description

A high-sensitivity magneto-optical magnetic field sensor is combined with a high-quality USB microscope to visualize magnetic stray fields. The USB connection allows the system to be rapidly put into use in almost any environment. In addition to this, integration into the cmos-magview software facilitates a wide range of evaluation options.

The mageye was developed for mobile quality testing and forensic investigations and visualizes stray fields from: magnetic stripe cards, magnetic encoders, welding seams, audio tapes, manipulated serial numbers, and dipole and multipole magnets. It can also be used for diverse applications in forensics, geology, and material development.

Design & Function

Magnetic fields are used in a wide variety of applications. They help transmit forces and torques, control sensors, and transmit information about the state of magnetizable components. The mageye allows the magnetic field to be visualized two-dimensionally at the highest possible resolution, while being easy to use.

Connected to a laptop, the mageye can be instantly used mobily. The mageye can be positioned with the sensor directly on the sample and instantly visualizes the magnetic information.

Product request


Product request

Product Highlights

  • Hard to reach places can be examined
  • Software tools from the cmos-magview family can be used
  • Full USB operation possible


  • Built-in lighting
  • Direct visualization with digital camera
  • Out of the box use, easy to use

Technical Specifications

  • Field range dependent on sensor type
  • Sensor size: 8 x 8 mm
  • Image resolution: 5 MPx
  • Recommended MO sensors type A, B, and D (with optional magnetic excitation)
  • USB 2.0 interface

Application Areas

  • Quality control (e.g., for electrical steel and soft magnetic material properties)
  • Forensics (e.g., recovery of serial numbers on chassis and weapons)
  • Verification of magnetic security features on banknotes and documents (hard and soft magnetic ink possible)
  • Geology (study of magnetic minerals and meteorites)



mageye – The Magneto-Optic Hand-Held Microscope

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