Magnet Testing


Characterization of the Magnetic Specifications of Permanent Magnets

m-axis instruments allow you to determine the magnetic moment and magnetization direction of permanent magnets in seconds.

Product Description

m-axis is a measurement system that can be used to characterize permanent magnets in terms of their magnetic specifications (magnetic moment and magnetization angle) with high precision. In addition to the four standard measuring ranges, the modular design allows the system to be adapted to customer-specific requirements. The measurement systems can be used for 100% in-line quality control via our m-axis I/O module.

Design & Function

The m-axis calculation method is based on the determination of the dipole properties of permanent magnetic materials using integrated AMR sensor technology. The magnetic moment (m) and the spatial direction of the magnetization (ϕ, θ) are determined in addition to the three-dimensional position of the magnet (x,y,z). This approach allows both axially and diametrically magnetized dipole permanent magnets to be measured against their specifications.

Analysis and documentation of the measurement data is carried out with the aid of comprehensive user software. The m-axis instruments can be quickly and easily integrated into a production process by storing measurement processes and magnet types. All relevant settings and measurement results can be output in a measurement report!

A further advantage of the m-axis instruments is the internal quality monitoring provided by the localization algorithm, which can detect and display magnetic disturbances during measurement.

m-axis variants

m-axis S

Measuring range: 0.01– 1.00 Am2

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m-axis M

Measuring range: 0.10– 3.00 Am2

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m-axis L

Measuring range: 1.00– 10.00 Am2

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m-axis XL

Measuring range: 4.00– 50.00 Am2

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m-axis Modules

I/O Module

The I/O module facilitates integration into automated environments. The output of I/O signals parameterized in the software can be used, for example, to control automatic robot feeders, sorting systems, or other plant components.

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Temperature Module 

The temperature module allows the magnetic moment to be corrected to the reference value at 20° C by measuring the room temperature and entering the temperature coefficient.

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Table Module 

To counteract magnetic interference caused by laboratory tables, the m-axis system can be supplied in its own paramagnetic table.

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Rotary Axis Module 

If required, the magnets can be rotated 360° during measurement in systems with an integrated rotation axis. This improves the accuracy of the measurement.

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Embedded Variant

By integrating an embedded PC into the m-axis power supply housing, the measurement system can be accessed via a USB, serial BUS, or Ethernet interface. A screen and keyboard can also be connected directly to the power supply.

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Product Highlights

  • Rapid determination of the magnetic moment
  • Accurate determination of magnetization orientation
  • Tabular and graphical representation of the magnitude and orientation of the error angle
  • Statistical evaluation of the parameters possible
  • Easy integration into automated processes via m-axis I/O module


  • Built-in measurement quality check and warning in case of interference during measurement
  • Automated storage of the characteristic values determined in a CSV file can be implemented into an existing manufacturing process
  • Determination of characteristic data independent of geometry

Technical Specifications

  • PC control with USB interface
  • Mains connection: 85– 264 VAC/47– 63 Hz
  • Dimensions: 450 x 450 x 230 mm
  • Automatable
  • Moment and Br accuracy: ± 1%*
  • Moment and Br repeatability: ± 0.1%
  • Magnetization angle accuracy: ± 0.1°*
  • Quick classification

* Depending on the device configuration used

Delivery Contents & Accessories

  • PC (optional) & software
  • Test magnet for system test
  • Angle plate (optional)
  • Foot switch
  • Transport case (optional)

Application Areas

  • Automotive applications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Drive technology
  • Medical technology
  • Industrial automation



m-axis – Permanent Magnet Measuring System

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