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„matesy“ stands for magnetic technologies & systems: The focal point of the company is measurement technology in the field of magnetism and twist testing. With the claim of qualitative market leadership in its segment, it develops and produces systems and technologies at the highest level.
The company has grown out of science and research - originating as a spin-off of the R&D institute INNOVENT Technologieentwicklung e. V. Thus it carries the spirit of the university town of Jena: innovative and at the same time tradition-conscious.
The close cooperation with partners from research and industry also corresponds to this basic attitude. The numerous cooperations range from a lively exchange of know-how to the joint use of resources and diverse business transfers.


matesy: magnetism and metrology

matesy is specialized in the visualization, characterization and generation of magnetic fields. Our core competence extends over the entire field of magnetism, especially

  • Magnetic and magneto-optical measurement technology/visualization and measurement of magnetic fields,
  • 3D location and tracking of magnetic particles,
  • Detection of magnetic security features and material development.

In addition, matesy offers technologies for optical structure and profile measurement and twist testing that are unique in the world.

In close collaborations, matesy builds on the innovative power of research institutions, including INNOVENT Technologieentwicklung, Jena University of Applied Sciences and the various Fraunhofer institutes. matesy also supervises research projects and work. This allows matesy to develop excellent solutions and special and customized developments within its network for a wide range of challenges from customers all over the world. These mainly come from the following sectors

  • Automotive & mechanical engineering,
  • Glass and solar industry,
  • Forensics,
  • Science & research.

The services provided by matesy include

  • (Series) device production, trading and service,
  • Technology consulting,
  • Magnet trading,
  • YIG material production.
Mission Statement

matesy: This is who we are

  • We are small but deliver excellence: A workforce of just 10 make up an internationally successful company. They develop and produce technologies that are unique worldwide. Most people have already had a device in their hands that was tested with matesy measurement technology.
  • We are always at the cutting edge: We use the latest technologies to develop applications for industrial and scientific customers based directly on current research. We form part of various funding projects, and we attach great importance to the fact that our employees have always received the latest training.
  • At matesy, everything is clearly documented: matesy is certified according to ISO9001:2015. Process chains, suppliers, management systems and companies. Maximum transparency. Everything works hand in hand. All data can be called up at any time.
  • We keep things short: We have clear structures and short official and decision-making paths to make sure we take the fastest route to your goal.
  • We listen to your problem and solve your task as a team: From the precise definition of a task to its implementation in customer-specific systems, everything is dealt with strategically as a team at matesy. This is the only way to develop complex technical solutions.
  • We are a family: Everyone at matesy is fully committed to their tasks. Everyone supports everyone when and wherever possible. And everyone is oriented towards the same goal.

    Everyone at matesy is proud to be a Matesian.
Facts About matesy

Magnetic values


matesy was founded in 2008 as a spin-off of the research and development institute INNOVENT-Technologieentwicklung e.V. The people who work here are correspondingly young: 37 years old on average.


matesy is the winner of numerous founder and innovation awards, including the 2014 Thuringia Innovation Award and the 2013 Powtech Innovation Award. And certified according to ISO9001:2015, of course.


matesy is committed to its customers, in projects and collaborations around the world. A total of 12 sales partnerships means that measurement technology from matesy is used in at least 27 countries worldwide.


matesy products have been successfully tried and tested in a variety of environments for over 15 years. Today, thousands of instruments are used by more than 10,000 satisfied customers all over the world with hundreds being added every year.


85% of our employees arrive at work by public transport or bike; we also offer company bikes. To save energy, we have fitted all our radiators with thermostats and converted all our lighting to LED.


matesy products are designed to last for economic and ecological reasons: They are robust, low-maintenance and always upgradeable, which means a long and profitable product life.


Sporty and socially engaged

As a successful company, we support social projects such as the SOS Children's Villages and various local clubs, as well as regional sport. These include the soccer team FC Carl Zeiss Jena and the basketball team Medipolis SC Jena.

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