Visualizing Domain Structures

Non-destructive Testing of Magnetic and Non-magnetic Materials

Magneto-optics can be used to non-destructively test and analyze the domain structure of magnetic materials.

Functional principle and application

The closure domains on magnetic materials like electrical steel or shape memory alloys generate small local scatter field differences that can be visualized using our magneto-optical instruments, such as cmos-magview. Inhomogeneities, grain boundaries, inclusions, domain size, shape, and orientation can all be analyzed. Our software tools help in performing micrometer-precise measurements in the magneto-optical recording.

The areas of application for our technology range from basic research to the industrial environment, where our systems are used, for example, for process control in the production of electrical steel.

Application Areas

  • Magnet analysis
  • Visualizing the magnetic field on linear encoders
  • Testing electrical steel
  • Structural analysis and quality control for magnets

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