Verifying Banknotes

Analyzing Magnetic Security Features on Banknotes in Real Time

Magnetic encoding is used worldwide to make banknotes machine-readable on the one hand and protect them from counterfeitingon the other. This makes it essential to verify banknotes for the quality of their magnetic security features.

Functional principle and application

Magneto-optical systems, such as our cmos-magview or our hand-held mobile device magview, allow for this kind of verification in real time. Whereas other test instruments can only be used to check for the presence of magnetic information, magneto-optical instruments can also be used to verify the quality of the magnetization. Poor quality can be an indication of counterfeit banknotes. Various spots on the banknotes can be considered for examination.

For instance, the quality of the security strip or the graphics printed with magnetic ink on EURO banknotes can be analyzed magneto-optically. In contrast, U.S. DOLLAR banknotes are printed magnetically over a large area. Our magneto-optical systems with a sensor size of up to 45 x 60 mm² and the ability to visualize the magnetic information in real time provide an ideal solution for forensic investigations and quality control, especially for such large-area examinations. The strength of the scatter field generated can also be measured in parallel to visualizing the magnetic information. Our camera-aided cmos-magview is the first choice, especially for such forensic applications of this kind. The associated software allows you to visualize the magnetic information as well as measure, log, and analyze it. In contrast, our magview hand-held is optimized for mobile and fast verification without a PC.

Application Areas

  • Magnet analysis
  • Visualizing the magnetic field on linear encoders
  • Testing electrical steel
  • Structural analysis and quality control for magnets

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