Crack Testing on Ferromagnetic Components

Non-destructive Testing of Material Surfaces for Cracks

Inspecting the surface for cracks is imperative, especially in the case of safety-relevant components. Normally, flux leakage tests are carried out for this purpose. Our magneto-optical systems now make it possible to evaluate the scatter fields digitally and in high resolution.

Functional principle and application

Depending on their geometry, cracks in ferromagnetic materials produce a change in the flux leakage on the component surface when a supporting magnetic field is applied. These characteristic changes allow us to detect cracks as small as 0.1 mm in width with magneto-optical systems such as our cmos-magview.

A magneto-optical crack test can also be carried out on permanent magnetic materials. The high resolution and rapid, extensive visualization of the scatter field render our systems very well suited for this task.

Application Areas

  • Magnet analysis
  • Visualizing the magnetic field on linear encoders
  • Testing electrical steel
  • Structural analysis and quality control for magnets

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