Controlling the Quality of Magnetic Solid Measures

Controlling Geometry and Field Intensity in Real Time

Magnetic field visualization with cmos-magview provides the ability to control scatter field distributions of magnetic solid measures in real time.

Functional principle and application

Magnetic Solid Measures

Encoders or rotary encoders are positioning systems that can determine and output position or angular rotation using a magnetic solid measure in combination with a magnetic field sensor and an evaluation unit. A micro-controller converts the readings from the magnetic field sensor into a digital or analog signal when there is relative movement to the coded scale, which is then converted into a position or angle.

Linear solid measures are used mainly in measuring systems, moving systems and machine manufacturing, such as CNC milling machines or in the semiconductor industry. Rotary solid measures are becoming increasingly important, especially in the electric motor industry and in the field of electro-mobility. ​In order to ensure the best system performance of encoders, it is important to carefully check the mechanical and magnetic properties of the solid measure.

In order to guarantee the optimum measuring performance of the manufactured encoders, it is important to precisely check the magnetization quality of the magnetic tape installed. Our instruments magview and cmos-magview are ideal for checking both the geometry of pole structures and the magnetic properties of magnetic solid measures.

Our magneto-optical testing systems are ideally suited for everything from manual testing to fully automated 100% quality control. Surface scatter fields can be measured with very high resolution due to the extremely small measurement distance (less than 5 µm) and the high lateral resolution of up to 20 µm. This allows small shifts in the zero crossings or invalid magnetizations to be reliably detected.


Application Areas

  • Magnet analysis
  • Visualizing the magnetic field on linear encoders
  • Testing electrical steel
  • Structural analysis and quality control for magnets

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