For float glass coatings

Differentiate flat glass coatings quickly and easily


Float glass is being produced in large amounts. Various interwoven processes cause a huge complexity that requires efficient transitions. Subject to inefficiencies mostly are operations that can not or just with high expenses be automated. Within the float glass production this issue often occurs when the respective preliminary product is transferred to the subsequent step. The Layer Tester was developed to distinguish between the respective float glass coatings. 




The device works with two different resistance values and determines the float glass coating fast and precisely. In this way the operator is able to process the glass preliminary product fast and safely to the next production step. As handheld and battery driven device the Layer Tester is intuitive to apply. Two measurement tips need to get contact to the glass target. The measurement result is divided into the predefined resistance ranges of 0 to 15 Ωsq (low resistance) and 22 to 60 Ωsq (high resistance) that can be adjusted.



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