Twist structures simply visualized!

The handy devices STT R100 NO and N STT R150 are developed particularly for the use in the production surroundings directly. Existing twist structures can be visualized immediately by applying the device to the testing object. If the examining shaft is stored on a prism table or between swiveling points, the local dependence of the sealing seat surface structure can be checked fast and simply.


STT-shaft twist tester NO

STT-shaft twist tester NO

STT-shaft twist tester NO visualization

STT-shaft twist tester NO visualization


The hand-held device STT R100 NO is conceived for shaft diameter of 5mm to 200mm. STT R150 N allows the check of shafts with sealing seat diameters up to 300mm. Because of the compact robust aluminum case and the battery-operated laser the testing set is ready for usage at any time and any place, even in rough production conditions. In addition, the testing set STT R100 NO offers a connection possibility for a tripod (1/4“ 20 UNC).


Technical Features:

  • Measuring range: twist period Dp = 20 - 500μm
  • Twist depth: Dt> 200nm *
  • Axial bearing dimension: 15mm
  • Shaft diameter: 5 - 200mm (STT R150 N 300mm)
  • Illumination source: Class 2 laser diode module
  • Power supply: battery 6 volts

* Depending on roughness and twist period, allowable roughness Ra = 0.1 - 0.5μm


Akku-Ladegerät für STT

Optional Accessories

  • Battery charger for STT
  • Charger + 2x battery
  • Voltage (batteries): 3.6 volts (lithium-ion battery)/li>
  • high-quality universal 2-channel charger (no self-discharge and no memory effect thanks to lithium-ion technology)
  • LED status display
  • This item fits the following models: STT NO, STT NK, STT NV



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