Representing an important business partner for Matesy, SENIS AG specializes in magnetic field and electric current measurement technologies. The SENIS range of products expands from analog magnetic field transducers, over digital Gaussmeters / Teslameters to current sensors for reliable magnetic field and current measurements. Magnetic field mapping systems for electro magnets, permanent magnets and large coils can be provided. Furthermore SENIS offers advanced uni- and multiaxial Hall Probes to measure multiple components of the magnetic field within one single point.



SENIS® Digital Gaussmeters/Teslameters and Analog Transducers with 1-, 2- or 3-axis integrated Hall and AMR sensors


SENIS® Magnetic Field Mappers measure magnetic field of permanent magnets and electromagnets by means of 3-axis Hall probes


SENIS® provides miniature, PCB mount current sensors with a magnetic shield and high performance linear Hall sensor


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