Fluxgate Magnetometer - FM-A, FM-D

Sensitive fluxgate magnetometers (FM-A and FM-D) for recording small magnetic fields.

Product pictures

magflux fluxgate magnetometer

Application background

Measurement method

The fluxgate magnetometer with single axial Fluxgate-Sensors is available with digital or analog interface (FM-A and FM-D). They are applied for the vectorial determination of magnetic fields and used for the detection of local material failures of electrically conductive materials. The digital sensors (FM-D) of the fluxgate magnetometer are calibrated and easy to use, while the analog sensors (FM-A) of the fluxgate magnetometer are the first choice for tasks where extremely high field resolutions are required. FM-A and FM-D Fluxgate-Sensors can be customized with very low effort to suit various applications.



Range of functions:

  • Software for configuration, data acquisition and data conditioning
  • Dll for integration in your own applications
  • Library and example program for LabViewTM


  • Earth's magnetic field, biological magnetic fields
  • Urban magnetic (interference) fields, traffic monitoring
  • Material testing, power line location
  • Magnetic field compensation systems, distance measurement


Technical information

FM-D (digital):

  • Axes: 1
  • Measuring range: +/- 100 µT
  • Converter depth: max. 24 bit
  • Sampling rate: max. 100 Hz
  • Resolution: 1 nT
  • Noise: & lt; 5 nT (0.1 to 10 Hz)
  • Field range: ≤ 5 mT
  • Current consumption: max. 10 mA (USB)

FM-A (analog):

  • Axes: 1 or 3
  • Measuring range: +/- 50 µT (others on request)
  • Power supply: +/- 15 V


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