ESF Thüringen - Liste der Vorhaben Förderperiode 2014-2020



Microscope extension with integrated magneto-optical sensor

The Mobjective is an adapter with an integrated magneto-optical sensor for microscopic investigations, which can be mounted directly on the objective lens of polarization microscopes. The device allows a fast and high-resolution analysis of magnetic structures in the micrometer range is possible. Magnetic stray fields in the near field of storage media, magnetic steel alloys, domain materials, conductors and permanent magnets can be visualized with the Mobjective.


Functional principle

  • Use of linearly polarized light of the polarization microscope
  • Rotation of the polarization plane of the light by the magneto-optical sensor dependent on the local magnetic field (Faraday effect)
  • Visualization of the magnetic stray field by local changes of the light intensity (magneto-optical image)


Technical features

Analysis of polarity, homogeneity, distribution of magnetic material and the magnetic material properties


Suitable for Zeiss lens Epiplan 10x | 0,20 (others on request)


Adjustable pressure  
Fieldrange: 0,01 to 130 kA/m (0,1 to 1.600Oe)  
Sensor size: 8 x 8 mm  
Lateral resolution: 3 μm