Real time analysis and forgery identification of bank notes magnetic security features


Since nearly all leading currencies worldwide are using magnetic code to enable machine prozessing on the one hand (EURO) and/or to hinder forging of banknotes it is essential to check banknotes for their magnetic safety signs. By using magneto-optical systems, like the cmos-magview , it is possible to perform these checkups in realtime. While other checking devices can not - magneto-optical systems are capable of checking not just for the presence of magnetic information, but also to investigate the magnetisation quality, which is might be an indicator of frauded banknotes.


Si­cher­heits­merk­ma­le bei einer 10$ Note
 Visualisierung der Seriennummer einer 20€ Banknote



Therefore different magnetic information can be visualised and analysed. EURO banknotes for examples are beeing investigated regarding their magnetic ink serial number and the quality of the security thread. Contrary, U.S. DOLLAR banknotes have huge areas of magnetic ink printed security signs. Especially for areal investigations, magneto-optical systems are enabling a perfect quality control, as well as fraud protective method, due to their visualisation capability in realtime.

For laboratory investigations cmos-magview is the first choice, due to its capability of visualising, measuring, protocolling and analysing, while for mobile on-site checks the handheld magview offers realtime checks without need for evaluation equipment.



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