RMP rotor measuring station

Quality control of multipole permanent magnet rotors

The RMP rotor quality control system is a unique measurement device to map the magnetic field of permanent magnetic rotors. It contains precise mechanics, 3 - axis Hall sensors, and a magneto-optical module for the recognition of small magnetization structures and micro-sized material defects and cracks. Due to the magneto-optical module a real time visualization of the magnetic field structure is possible.



Permanent magnetic rotors with different geometries are common components in most electrical motor or clutch setups. In order to reduce high starting moments, vibration and noise the magnetic field of a rotor must be precisely designed. Standard FEM tools help thereby to find the ideal rotor configuration regarding the application. 

However, in real world the magnetic field is influenced by the quality of the used magnets. A factor which is often not controlled to apply to FEM specifications. The RMP uses two different approaches to control the resulting field configuration: Hall probes (single and 3-axial) are used for absolute and precise flux density measurements.


RMP rotor measuring station
RMP rotor measuring station

Furthermore real time visualization with high geometric resolution can be performed with the magneto-optical module to detect material defects and the field distribution over large areas at once.



  • min. Step spacing linear axes: 10 μm
  • Angular resolution of the rotary axis: 0.03 °
  • Mech. probing the test object: Probe mode
  • Visualization of the measurement results
  • Evaluation & control by means of & nbsp; integrated PC and software


Technical information & specifications:

• Max. rotor measuring height: 350mm
• Max. rotor diameter: 400mm
• Max. weight: 80kg
• Max. rotation speed: 1rev/s
• Measuring range: ± 1.0T
• Measurement resolution: 16bit
• Sampling rate: about 10kHz
• Scan speed (height): adjustable up to 10mm/s
• Min. step spacing linear axes: 10μm
• Min. step spacing linear axes: 10μm
• Angular resolution axis of rotation: 0.03°


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