Investigation of permanent magnet properties

(magnetic moment, remanence, magnetization angle)


m-axis is the system to perform magnet testing. Permanent magnetic properties, such as the magnetic moment, remanence and magnetization direction of magnetic dipoles can be characterized with high precision. Automated solutions are available.


Magnet testing

The calculation routine of the m-axis-system is based on the determination of the dipole parameters of permanently magnetic materials using an integrated AMR sensor set-up. That way the three-dimensional position (x, y, z) of the magnet as well as its magnetic moment (m) and the angular direction (ϕ, θ) of the magnetization are determined simultaneously.

Because of the universally applicable approach the evaluation of axially as well as diametrically magnetized dipole permanent magnets regarding their quality and strength. By implementation of various user defined magnet types and measurement processes in the comprehensive user software the system delivers a real time classification of numerous dipole possibilities. All relevant settings and measurement results can be saved to a single report file.


The m-axis measuring system is ideal for magnetic testing of permanent magnetic properties and determines the magnetic moment, the remanence and the magnetization angle.





Standard measurement systems:

Four standard models available:

  • m-axis S measurement range: 0.01 - 1.00 Am²
  • m-axis M measurement range: 0.10 - 3.00 Am²
  • m-axis L measurement range: 1.00 - 10.00 Am²
  • m-axis XL measurement range: 4.00 - 50.00 Am²

Models with specifically customized measurement ranges can be offered as well.
m-axis table module

Technical features

  • Accuracy moment and Br: ± 1%
  • Repeatability moment and Br: ± 0,1%
  • Accuracy magnetization angle: ± 0,1°
  • Fast classification
  • North/South-effect
  • PC operating with USB interface
  • Power supply: 85 - 264 VAC / 47 - 63 Hz
  • Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 250 mm
m-axis Software


  • Determination of the magnetic moment
  • Calculation of the remanence
  • Measurement of the magnetization direction
  • Tabular and graphic illustration of size and orientation of the error angle
  • Geometry independent investigation
  • Statistic evaluation of the parameters
  • Automated documentation and conversion of the data in CSV format
  • System implementation and/or intigration into running manufacturing processes



Optional modules


m-axis Rotation axis module

Rotation axis module

Systems containing a rotatable axis provide the possibility for 360°-rotation during the measurement process.

Hereby more than 160 distinct measurements are done and ultimately averaged. The angular accuracy is therefore improved to ± 0.1%.

m-axis North/South module:

North/South module:

The North/South module measures the surface magnetic field of axially magnetized permanent magnets using hall-sensors.

Through a 180°-flip of the magnet and a second measurement the ratio regarding north pole and south pole can determined and issued in %.

This measurement can be done both in addition to the dipole property determination and as a standalone test.

m-axis Temperature module

Temperature module

The magnetic moment is corrected to the reference value at 20°C by simultaneously measuring the room temperature and entering the temperature coefficient for the evaluated magnets.

Additionally studies of the magnetic moment at varying temperatures may be performed.

The accuracy of the temperature correction is ± 0.1% for every 10°C temperature difference.

m-axis Table module:

Table module:

To reduce the noise originating from laboratory tables the system electronics can be integrated within a non-magnetic table.


UPDATE! m-axis I/O Module

UPDATE! m-axis I/O Module

  • An extensive and adjustable measurement range for various magnet types
  • Communication with almost any control software
  • Flexible integration in all kinds of automation projects
  • Fast, high-precision and very reliable quality control of magnets
  • Module fits into any control cabinet (montage on top-hat rail)
m-axis Embedded version

Embedded version

With the integration of an embedded PC into the m-axis power supply unit the measurement system can be accessed externally using USB, serial BUS or via an Ethernet interface.
Additionally a screen and a keyboard may be connected to the power supply unit.

m-axis Items delivered

Items delivered

  • PC (optional) & software
  • Test magnet for system check
  • Angled plate (optional)
  • Foot switch



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