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Data protection statement of the matesy GmbH


This data protection statement was published on March 24, 2018.

Matesy GmbH is obliged to protect your data, and to ensure this protection, in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679, dated April 27, 2016. This data protection statement explains to you, when and why we collect personal information, how we use it and how we protect your data. It also makes reference to the conditions, when we can, or have to, disclose your data to third parties. This data protection statement applies to the usage of our website activi-ties, to the usage of our products, to the communication/interaction with us, to sales and market-ing activities as well as to performing contracts with customers.
It also applies to individuals who put in a job application with Matesy GmbH.


Who are we?

Matesy GmbH develops, produces and markets above all measuring and testing instruments for mag¬netic measurements, it also develops, produces and markets special-purpose machines, it sells mag¬nets and it performs services (such as measurements commissioned by our customers), pre-dominantly for commercial customers. The company is headquartered in Jena (Thuringia), Germa-ny. The registered office is: Matesy GmbH, Löbstedter Str. 101-103, 07749 Jena, Germany.
The controller in accordance with the GDPR is Matesy GmbH. If you have any questions concerning data protection you can contact us under: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


When do we collect personal data from you?

  • Occasionally, when you use our products.

  • When you interact/communicate with us personally, in writing, by phone, via the social media, at trade exhibitions or when visiting our websites or the company premises.

  • When we collect personal information from other legitimate sources (such as exhibition direc-tories), from marketing partners of Matesy GmbH, possibly also from public sources or from so-cial networks. We shall use these data only, if you have given us your permission that you are willing to share your personal data with others.

  • We can collect personal data, if this is based on legitimate interests and if these interests are not overridden by your own interest to protect your data. Before collecting any such data we make sure that they are evaluated, which is to ensure that a mutual interest exists both for you and Matesy GmbH.


Why do we collect and use personal data?

We collect and use personal data largely to pursue our sales activities and for the customer service, possibly also for direct marketing purposes. Apart from that, we collect data about suppliers, busi-ness partners, job applicants and employees of our company.

We can use your information for the following purposes: 

  • to send you information about the products and services which you acquired from us;

  • to pursue direct sales activities, if there is a legitimate and mutual interest for such activities;

  • to send you the marketing information you have requested, i.e. information about our (new) products and services, information about planned events and trade exhibitions as well as pro-motion and advertising material about our products and services;

  • to send you details about events and their venues, about a telephone conference or an online training session or an event, for which you registered;

  • to respond to a request on your part to get in touch with you and to answer other web forms you filled in in the course of our Internet presentation;

  • to deal with further matters & communications (customer support, e-mails, chats or calls);

  • to grant you access to a specific data storage unit of Matesy GmbH;

  • to perform contractual duties, such as confirming orders, providing details about licenses, issu-ing invoices or reminders and suchlike;

  • to inform you about any possibly interruptions when rendering our services (system messages, such as messages about the absence of a person);

  • to contact you for the purpose of surveying your opinion on our products and services;

  • to deal with a job application.


Legal basis for collecting personal data:

Collection of personal data on the basis of your permission

Personal data captured on the basis of the permission the data subject has given are collected via the Internet by using the relevant „permission forms“ or after the permission has been given by specifically marking the form (e.g. a tick in a box). The permission for the data storage given by the individual concerned will be stored in these documents. Apart from that, personal data received from the data subject, such as telephone numbers, business cards, company brochures etc., will also be collected & stored. When individuals provide personal data in such a way, their permission to store this information is deemed to have been given. These documents will be collected and documented in various internal systems of the company.

Collection of personal data on the basis of contracts

We shall use personal information to perform our duties arising from contracts and agreements with customers, business partners and suppliers.

Collection of personal data on the basis of legitimate interests

We can use personal data, if this is based on legitimate interests and if these interests are not over-ridden by the interest of the data subjects to protect their own interests. Normally, Matesy GmbH will evaluate the data, so as to identify a mutual interest for Matesy GmbH and the individual con-cerned, in order to establish a legal basis for collecting the data. This legal basis depends largely on, and is closely connected with, the sales and marketing purposes we pursue. We shall always inform the individuals concerned about their data protection rights and the purpose of collecting their per-sonal data.

What kind of personal data will be collected?

Apart from the name and the contact data of your company, we also collect the name, telephone number, function and e-mail address of the data subject. We can also collect feedback, comments and questions contained in the service-related communication we received from you arising from our activities that concern meetings, telephone calls, documents and e-mails. 

In addition to that, we can collect the IP address and the country code from our websites as well as the activities pur-sued on our website. If you upload photographs or videos onto the data storage units and servers we have prepared for this purpose, or if you add posts, comments etc., the information thus received can be read by all persons authorized to access these data storage units and servers and can be used for purposes, over which you or Matesy GmbH may have limited control only or no control at all.

Matesy GmbH can therefore not be held liable for any information which you transfer to these data storage units and servers, although the company makes every effort to implement technical devices and organi-zational measures to prevent unauthorized parties from misusing the data you transmitted to us. 

If you apply for a job with Matesy GmbH, we collect the data you made available to us during the job application process. Matesy GmbH collects and processes no specific categories of personal data and is not interested in sensitive personal data.

How long shall we keep your personal data?

We shall store your personal data as long as we consider it necessary for the purpose, for which they have been collected in the first place. While your data are being kept stored, it is our duty to reply to inquiries you make about your data, to sort out any problems that may arise in this connection, to comply with all requirements set forth in the applicable laws, to deal with all legal claims or complaints on your part and to secure your data accordingly. Even after your last interaction/communication with Matesy GmbH, we shall retain your personal data for a reasonable period. We shall safely destroy them, if the personal data we collected are no longer required or if you ask us to do so. If we intend to further process your and other data for statistical purposes, we shall duly anony-mize them.

Your rights as regards your personal data

You have the following rights as regards your personal data:

  • The right to demand a copy of your personal data that Matesy GmbH keeps about you.

  • The right to have your personal data rectified by Matesy GmbH, if they are inaccurate or out-dated.

    • Should Matesy GmbH operate websites which enable you to interactions and to a registra-tion as customer or business partner (e.g. web shop), you can also process or update your profile there by registering on this website with your user name and password and by changing into the area, where your personalized data can be displayed and processed

  • The right to have your personal data erased, if their retention is no longer necessary for Matesy GmbH.

  • The right to revoke, at any time, all permissions given to process your personal data, such as your permission given to receive any E-marketing communication:

    • If you wish to revoke your permission granted for E-marketing, please use the website area for the administration of your personal data. Please note, however, that you may still re-ceive system messages and administrative communications from Matesy

  • GmbH, such as order confirmations and notifications as regards your account activities (provided you are registered on a relevant website of Matesy GmbH).

    • Alternatively, you can e-mail your revocation concerning the processing of your personal data to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send us a letter to the company’s postal address.

  • The right to demand that Matesy GmbH makes your personal data available to you. If it is nec-essary for you, Matesy GmbH can also transfer this information directly (by way of a portable, digital format) to a controller determined by you, if the processing of

  • your data is based on a permission or a contract between you and Matesy GmbH.

  • The right to demand from Matesy GmbH to restrict the further data processing, should there be a dispute about the accuracy of your personal data or their processing.

  • The right to object to the processing of personal data, if the data processing was based on legit-imate interests and/or direct marketing purposes.

Please direct all inquiries and questions concerning your data protection rights preferably to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The use of cookies and beacons

Matesy GmbH uses software that applies cookies and web beacons (information about the website navigation), in order to collect information while you are surfing on the company websites. Infor-mation about the website navigation includes standard information from your web browser, such as browser type and language, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the country code and actions you carry out on the company websites (e.g. the websites called and the links clicked).

This information will be used to optimize the websites and also to provide business and marketing information for website owners as well as to collect personal data, such as browser type and oper-ating system, referencing page, path to this page, ISP domain etc. All this is to improve the insight, how visitors use a website. Cookies and comparable technologies help us in this respect optimize our website as well as identify and avoid security threats and cases of misuse. You cannot be per-sonally identified by cookies and beacons, if these are used alone.


Do we share our data with others?

We do not sell, lease or trade with your information. Your personal data will not be passed on to any third parties without having obtained your permission. Nevertheless, the following exemptions exist:

Use of software services and providers via the Internet

Matesy GmbH handles its digital communication through providers and uses modern software ser-vices in the Internet as well as its own or licensed software applications for preparing, operating and optimizing its company presentation in the Internet and the further development of this presentation. The same applies to dealing with customer inquiries, to processing orders, offers, invoices and payments as well as to the communication with internal and external offices.  Some of the communication and of the data processing will be handled by applications, servers and storage solutions, which (in some cases) cannot be directly influenced by Matesy GmbH and where it must reasonably be assumed that the required hardware is not exclusively located in the EU.

The providers of these applications, their servers and storage facilities can, in individual cases, without having obtained the approval from Matesy GmbH and without any prior information, carry out maintenance work on their systems, modify or update them or even switch them off. Matesy GmbH cannot give you complete security as to what will happen to your personal data when being transmitted/communicated via the Internet, although the company will make every effort to al-ways opt for the safest variants for the communication and storage of, and interaction with, your data.

Matesy GmbH will regularly examine the data protection provisions and General Terms and Conditions (AGBs) of the providers and suppliers of the software applications used and contract other providers and suppliers, if necessary and if commercially reasonable. When using the services of such providers and suppliers, Matesy GmbH must subject itself to their data protection provisions and AGBs, which may deviate from the current provisions set forth in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679.

If you have concerns that the communication/interaction with Matesy GmbH via the Internet may violate your legitimate interests in the protection of your personal data, please be advised to use other ways of communication with Matesy GmbH and/or communicate with Matesy GmbH without the Internet.


Third-party service providers acting in our name:

We can pass on your information to our suppliers, employees, sub-contractors and other associat-ed organizations, so that they can perform services for you in our name (it may well be possible as part of an order to transfer technical information, e.g. CAD data for machining jobs, from you to a supplier who does the legwork for Matesy GmbH).


Third-party product providers who we cooperate with:

We cooperate with various third-party product or service providers thus making a number of prod-ucts and services available to you which cannot exclusively be offered by Matesy GmbH itself, alt-hough they are necessary to complement our own range of products and services and to communi-cate with you. If you make an inquiry about one or several of these products and services, or if you purchase any of them, it may be necessary in the course of clarifying technical and/or commercial questions to exchange your information with the third-party product or service provider con-cerned, so as to enable us to give you all the required answers to your questions or to fulfill the third-party provider’s obligations that arise from future or existing contracts you conclude(d) with Matesy GmbH or even with this third-party provider itself.

In some cases, third-party product or service providers act as processors of your data (e.g. not Matesy’s own software developers). We shall inform you about such arrangements to the extent possible and recommend in such cases that you read the data protection guideline of these third-party providers and conclude a separate data processing agreement with them, if the need arises. These third-party product or service pro-viders may then share your information in the course of their activities and we shall treat this shared information in accordance with this data protection statement.

Deployment of sub-contractors (sub-contractors, suppliers)

Matesy GmbH reserves the right to contract sub-contractors that process personal data in their name. In such cases, Matesy GmbH is responsible for ensuring that these sub-contractors commit themselves to comply with this data protection statement and the applicable data protection di-rective, which will be done by signing a data processing agreement with Matesy GmbH.
If the sub-contractor processes personal data outside the EU/the European Economic Area (EEA), it will be done in accordance with the EU Privacy Shield Framework, the EU standard contract clauses for the data transfer into third countries and any other, explicitly stated legal basis for the transfer of personal data to third countries.

If a sub-contractor is changed while a current order is being processed, or a current inquiry is being dealt with, and Matesy GmbH contracts a new sub-contractor or there are changes at the sub-contractor itself, the customers will be informed in accordance with our General Terms and Condi-tions. Our data processing agreements, which are recorded in a supplier management index, in-clude a list of all approved sub-contractors and suppliers.


In the event of legal commitments:

In the event of a legal commitment, we shall disclose your personal data, or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that such a disclosure is important for the protection of our company’s rights and/or for the compliance with information obligations during legal proceedings, in connection with a court order or when being summoned to appear in court. We shall, however, make every effort to ensure that your data protection rights are secured.


Modifications to this data protection statement

Matesy GmbH reserves the right to modify this data protection statement at any time. You will al-ways find its up-to-date version on our websites. We would like to advise you to examine this data protection statement occasionally, so as to assure yourself that you agree with all modifications made.
If we make modifications that would significantly change our data protection practice, we shall in-form you by e-mail and/or post a notification in this respect on our websites, before any such modi-fication takes effect


Your right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority

If you are not satisfied with the way how your personal data are processed by Matesy GmbH or its vicarious agents, you can first of all contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are still not satisfied, you will have the right as a consumer or as a commercial user resident in the EU to directly get in touch with your national supervisory authority to obtain a decision in this respect. At the moment, there is a data protection authority in each German federal state that is responsi-ble for the enforcement of the data protection laws.

Company address

Matesy GmbH
Löbstedter Str. 101-103
07749 Jena
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +49 3641 7979900



© Copyright: Matesy GmbH; May 24, 2018

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