ESF Thüringen - Liste der Vorhaben Förderperiode 2014-2020


Matesy GmbH



Innovation Award Thuringia 2014

  • Category winner "Industry and Material"


Thuringian Founders Award 2013

  • 2nd place in the category Young Successful Companies


 Innovation Award of the Powtech 2013

  • Category: Particle/ Material Analysis and Characterization for the magnetic particle tracking with the MagTrack


enable2start Initiative 2009

  • Finalist for the targeted drug release within the human gastrointestinal tract


Thuringian Business Plan Competition 2008

  • 4th place in the entire competition for the development and distribution of procedures and systems for the drug release in the human gastrointestinal tract
  • Audience Award
  • Special Award for the spin-off of a university


IQ Innovation Award 2008

  • Special Award for the localization of a capsule without radiation and the drug release without integrated components within the human gastrointestinal tract